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COVID-19 – Company Policy Statement- Business Continuity Plan

COVID-19 – Company Policy Statement- Business Continuity Plan

As news develops around the spread of COVID-19, Synergy continues to carefully monitor the situation. We are following Government guidance and Public Health England advice and our priority remains the safety of our colleagues, clients and partners.

Our Business Continuity (BC) plans and Health and Safety personnel have well-established plans that have been put into place and we are prepared for any potential impact to our operations.

  1. We have ensured that every member of our team are facilitated with secure remote access to the office systems and software through remote and/or portable hardware devices. In addition, all have, or have access to, mobile phones.
  2. We are satisfied that in the extreme event of our office location/s being unavailable the individuals and teams can function remotely.
  3. Contingency plans are in place for deep cleaning of the premises if required.
  4. In the event that a significant number of partners or staff are not available for a period of time, all of our professional staff and admin teams have the experience and ability to work across teams in a multi – disciplinary way.
  5. We are able to divert the telephone switchboards to a remote number or numbers.
  6. We have analysed our supplier chain and we are not overly reliant on any single supplier source. We have multiple software systems both internally and externally created and supported. We consider these robust.
  7. We are financially robust and we have support of our bank; NatWest. All accounts have online access facilities.
  8. Time Critical Work – We are under agreed or contracted deadlines for work. All work is currently allocated and deadlines in control. Any issues will be raised immediately with the client and resources adjusted accordingly as per point 4.

We ask for your understanding as:

  • In difficult times relatively unfamiliar contacts may respond to any queries in the first instance;
  • We seek to avoid meetings where they can be replaced by conference calls or similar, in order to minimise the risk of virus transmission where possible.

Business will continue as usual where possible. Partners/Senior Staff are generally always available and emails and telephones are accessed in the normal working day and office hours of 9:00am to 5:30pm.

Posted on 17/3/2020

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