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First section of Footprint Project successfully completed!

First section of Footprint Project successfully completed!

After one year on site, the East End and Crossing of Bath Abbey is finally open to the public again. From Monday 10 June 2019, visitors to Bath Abbey can walk on the repaired floor for the first time! The first phase of floor repairs was completed and handed over to the client the week before. At the same time, the contractor took possession of the North Aisle, North Transept and half of the Nave to commence the next phase.

Although 35 percent of the floor comprises new stone, either Blue Lias or Blue Pennant, due care was taken to preserve the character of the historic floor.

Phase one brought a number of challenges, the main being: archaeological discoveries, the re-positioning of the service trenches, designing the layout of new and repaired ledger stones, and a solution for the new structural support of the organ – all of which the team successfully overcame.

Ahead of phase two, additional trial pits have been undertaken to facilitate any design changes. Many lessons were learned during the first phase, which can be utilised going forward, to aid the smooth running of the forthcoming design and construction works.

Synergy provides Project Management and Quantity Surveying services for the Footprint Project.

Posted on 11/6/2019

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