Our Services: Health & Safety

It is true of any construction project that there are inherent dangers associated with the site, the complexity of design, materials, plant and operatives charged with the management and construction process. All projects demand careful and significant thought. The emphasis must be on elimination and reduction of risks and dangers associated with construction work in, on and around the development site, thus contributing to the improved efficiency and operational effectiveness of construction sites.

Our aim is to work in collaboration with clients and design teams to understand the project aims and objectives, establish good working relationships and agree ownership of Health and Safety responsibility.

Our approach is to adopt and instil the principles of risk prevention.

We offer clients experience and professional expertise in a hands-on way to clarify and comply with legal and corporate responsibilities regarding health and safety legislation.

Our Services Include:

  • Workplace and premises safety inspection and audit
  • Access audit (DDA)
  • Construction site safety inspection, audit and support services
  • Fire safety and fire risk management advice (including fire risk assessments / premises audits)
  • General health and safety consultancy services, including development of policy, procedures, and risk assessments
  • CDM Advisor