Our Services: Specialist Consultancy

Our extensive experience and depth of knowledge enables us to offer our clients consulting advice in specialist areas. Our dedicated industry experts provide a range of services including CIF bid preparation, claims consultancy, dilapidations, dispute management, expert witness, party wall awards and fire insurance valuations. They are committed to delivering a bespoke and professional service on a diverse range of projects irrespective of complexity.

CIF Bid Preparation

With increasing competition and rising qualifying thresholds, obtaining the advice of a professional team with proven success is one way to make sure your application stands out and can significantly improve potential outcomes.

Our experience in preparing CIF Bids has resulted in the development of an efficient and effective template, which is tailored to individual schools. This allows you to focus on the day job whilst at the same time increasing your chances of securing funding.

We have supported our school clients with a variety of bids including:

Boiler Replacement; Safeguarding; Pipework; Electrical rewiring; Roof repairs and replacement; Asbestos Removal; Window Replacement; Expansion Projects; Fire Safety Works; Toilet Refurbishment; Cladding Replacement

So why choose Synergy?

  • Long established consultancy with proven track record
  • Experts in education
  • Over £77.7 million secured so far
  • Partner Led service
  • In most cases, we will prepare your CIF Bid for FREE

Contact us on enquiries@synergyllp.com to make an appointment with a member of our CIF Team.

CIF Bid Preparation