Our Services: Specialist Consultancy

Our extensive experience and depth of knowledge enables us to offer our clients consulting advice in specialist areas. Our dedicated industry experts provide a range of services including CIF bid preparation, claims consultancy, dilapidations, dispute management, expert witness, party wall awards and fire insurance valuations. They are committed to delivering a bespoke and professional service on a diverse range of projects irrespective of complexity.

Party Wall:

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 exists to regulate communication and agreement between neighbours when works are to be carried out which could potentially effect adjoining properties or land.

The person or company carrying out the works (known as the Building Owner) is obliged to serve a Notice on the Adjoining Owners, if their land or property falls within distances specified in the Act. Each side can then agree in the appointment of one Surveyor or if they choose their own Surveyor to complete the process defined in the Act and produce a ‘Party Wall Award’.

Synergy can assist in preparing Notices and acting for the Building Owner, respond to Notices on behalf of an Adjoining Owner or be appointed as ‘Agreed Surveyor’ (to act impartially for both sides).