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My Journey to becoming a Chartered Surveyor

My Journey to becoming a Chartered Surveyor

Are you considering your route to become a Chartered Surveyor? It’s not such a tough mountain to climb with support. Hear from Tristan Hathaway who successfully completed our APC scheme in 2018.

Does his success story inspire you too?  Have a look at our careers section for more details on our graduate and structured training schemes.

“I began my APC journey in January 2015 at Synergy Construction & Property Consultants LLP (Synergy). After much commitment and motivation throughout the APC process, I passed my final assessment and achieved my qualification as a Chartered Surveyor with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 2018.

As Synergy work in a variety of sectors, I knew they would be an ideal company to gain a variety of experience to complete my APC. When I started, I signed up to a Structured Training Agreement which gave me an understanding of what support would be provided by Synergy as well as what commitment would be required by myself to complete the APC process. At this stage I was also assigned a Counsellor and Supervisor to provide me with essential support and guidance and to ensure I was gaining a variety of essential experience right up until my final assessment.

Part of the Training Agreement meant my costs for any CPD training events were covered. This was essential to improve my knowledge in topics I may have needed more exposure to. I also subscribed to an online diary which assisted me in completing and tracking my diary logs each day. This was user friendly and accessible whether I was in the office or out of the office on a survey.

I was exceptionally proud of my successful outcome which proved that drive, hard work and motivation are well worth the effort. Since passing my assessment with Synergy I continue to be involved in a variety of exciting projects enriching my knowledge and experience now as a Chartered Building Surveyor.”

Posted on 12/1/2019

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