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New dwellings accessibility soon to be determined by planning condition

There are some changes coming to the building regulations in October 2015.

Interestingly, connection between building regs and planning is merging as planners will determine which of three levels of ‘accessibility’ new dwellings will have to achieve in relation to disabled access. The requirement will be stated in a planning condition and the planning permission  will have to be to shown to the building inspector who then ensures compliance.

These are in changes to ‘Approved Document M’ which affect new dwellings.

The three categories of new dwellings are

  1. Visitable and adaptable (‘visitable’ is an interesting new word!)
  2. Accessible and adaptable
  3. Wheelchair accessible.

Approved Document M is unchanged in respect of commercial / non dwellings.

There is also a new section of regulations altogether – Approved Document Q requiring security standards for doors and windows installed in a new dwelling.

Author- Peter Baker – Partner at Synergy Construction and Property Consultants LLP

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Posted on 30/6/2015

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