Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Synergy is focused on creating a more environmentally and socially sustainable world through everything we do. We strive to act ethically and responsibly, reducing our impact on the planet and enhancing the wellbeing of our staff and the communities we work in.

We are therefore developing an ambitious Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy.

Drawing upon the values that define us, we will outline a strategy with clearly defined goals which will provide clarity on how we are fulfilling our climate obligations, safeguarding employee welfare and embracing social issues and embedding ESG in our operating structure.

Synergy is committed to being honest and transparent in the way we measure and report our progress towards meeting our goals. Our road map will be published in 2024, and will outline our progress as well as our short- and long-term future objectives.

Our Policies

Climate and Environmental Policy

Our Climate and Environment Policy describes our response to minimise our impact on the environment as well as embed climate change adaptation into our decision making. It sets out our principles and commitments to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment, and in particular limit our contribution to pollution, minimise our climate change impact, reduce our  consumption of natural resources and minimise our waste and fulfil all of our compliance obligations, including all relevant environmental legislation, including adoption of non-statutory guidance where appropriate to meet our aims.

Read Synergy’s Carbon Reduction Plan here: Carbon Reduction Plan.

Synergy’s Green Team meet quarterly throughout the year. They seek to identify areas for continual improvement and feed these back to management for implementation/updating of procedures.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Synergy LLP is committed to encouraging and achieving a working environment which is underpinned by fairness to all individuals, where equality and diversity are recognised, encouraged and valued, and the concept of individual responsibility is accepted by all.

Our policy is to employ, promote and treat all applicants and employees in the same way, regardless of the following ‘Protected Characteristics’: age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership, or pregnancy and maternity.

Social Value Policy

Everyone who works with Synergy at whatever level is a valued member of the team. We promote an inclusive and coactive culture. We are committed to supporting the development of all staff to ensure they reach their potential.

Synergy aims to actively support the local communities, businesses and charities within the vicinity of our offices and projects across the UK. We always aim to respect the needs of our people, our clients, the local community, local economic development/initiatives and the environment.

Health and Safety Policy

The Partners of Synergy LLP recognise and accept that they are responsible for, and are committed to, providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health for the staff employed at each office and for other persons who may be affected by our practices. This may include visitors, contractors or temporary employees. We are committed to the elimination of hazards and the reduction in Health and Safety risks.