Our Sectors: Residential

Our experience of residential projects is diverse, from local authority housing to high end luxury houses and apartments. We get involved in all stages of a building’s life cycle. At Synergy we are used to working with a variety of clients, including property owners, developers, investors and landlords. Our approach to the private and public residential sectors is tailored to their very different needs. We are familiar with the planning and building regulation constraints which bear on residential new buildings and alterations including sustainable codes. We are able to carry out life cycle cost analysis. In a volatile market such as this, it is essential that our clients get the highest return on investment and that viable homes are provided, rather than just bricks and mortar. This is what we are good at and where we know we can provide added value.

Public & Housing Association

Our experience in this sector is wide-ranging, we are focused on giving our clients an unrivalled service that provide practical and well designed solutions which also offer good value for money. We draw upon our expertise from our multi-disciplinary practice to provide real added value to our Housing Association clients and end users. We are experienced in low carbon technology and off-site construction, and have experience in general and special needs projects.

We look to work with our clients to provide comfortable homes that both complement the local community and look to sustain it. We critically appraise all processes and components suggested for a project to determine whether better value high quality alternatives or solutions are available. We proactively look to deliver lean construction through efficiencies which enhance both cost and programme delivery.