Our Sectors: Education

You could say Synergy is ‘marinated’ in construction projects for education. They have been a core part of our business for over 50 years and is a sector in which we are proud to be leaders. We understand how hard educational buildings need to work, in terms of both the learning environment and on a financial level. We take great pride in our projects and never lose focus on the brief, making certain that time, cost and quality are balanced accordingly. We are committed to a hands-on approach and offer a partner led service on all of our school projects. Many of our partners and senior staff are school governors and therefore have a detailed understanding of the pressures that schools face. We believe this working knowledge and experience enables us to see projects from a school perspective, allowing us first to understand and interpret the brief well and in turn deliver a project that truly meets the needs of the school and its pupils.

Independent Schools

We have great knowledge and experience in working with the Independent school sector and have worked in this sector for many years and for nearly 100 Independent schools to date. The extensive skill that we have in this area means that our Independent school clients and their design teams benefit from a shorter learning curve, helping to deliver inspiring educational building projects that are on time and on budget.

We are passionate about offering our Independent school clients a partner led service that focuses on fostering strong proactive relationships. We are closely associated with The Independent Schools’ Bursars Association which further enhances our working knowledge in this sector.