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Condition Improvement Fund Appeals

Condition Improvement Fund Appeals

Following the release of this year’s Condition Improvement Fund results, the scoring and feedback by the ESFA assessors has been received for all the unsuccessful projects. Academies had the opportunity to appeal the decision on unsuccessful bids should there be an error in the marking; the appeal could only be submitted if there is a material error by the Assessor on the application which resulted in the bid not meeting the threshold mark. This means, an appeal can only be based on genuine material errors with the application. However, no additional information or evidence can be submitted with the appeal.

Working with each of our academies, Synergy have reviewed the scores and feedback for each unsuccessful project to determine if there are any errors which form the basis of an appeal. Historically, Synergy has had good success with the appeal process and this year our specialist CIF team have reviewed and provided a response to the assessor’s feedback for several CIF projects. These were submitted on Thursday 17th May 2018 and we expect to hear the results in late July 2018.

Posted on 25/5/2018

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