Our Projects: Bradfield College, Greek Theatre

Renovation of Bradfield College’s Greek Theatre to return a much loved and unique theatre back to the heart of the College and local community.

Work included the restoration of the original stone seating and the construction of a new timber framed Skene to replace the demolished temple building. The`Skene’ was clad in shingles with sliding screens to form the backdrop to the stage.

A new and striking entrance was created combining a granite paved `Agora’ and a galvanised steel viewing platform which cantilevered over part of the amphitheatre. The main access is now off the Agora via an imposing galvanised steel staircase which leads on to a new concrete walkway with a galvanised steel balustrade around the entire amphitheatre.

  • Client: Bradfield College
  • Sector: Education
  • Services: Cost ConsultancyProject Management
  • Contract: £1 million

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