Our Projects: Puller Memorial C of E Primary School, Extensions, Alterations and Repairs

The school entrance and reception office has been moved outwards into a side extension making a secure lobby. As a result, previously confined spaces within the school have been opened up, improving space and circulation through the school.

Combined with entry controls and gates, the works have addressed many safeguarding issues.

The contract also included essential repairs to parts of the original Victorian School hall. This included restoration of the large timber windows, replicating historic details in the sashes and flat brick arches which had settled causing deflection of the vaulted roof. An elegant roof bellcote was restored removing rotten timbers. These repairs have protected the longevity of the Victorian Grade II listed building.

A second phase addressed issues at the post-war parts of the school. A further extension made more space at the rear of the school replacing a narrow linear conservatory. Drainage issues have been corrected where flooding regularly occurred in the school off the playground by the school field.

We also replaced 35 defective windows and doors with new aluminum units and repaired classroom floors where old screeds had failed.

Each phase was the subject of SCA funding via St Albans Diocese and were completed in two consecutive 3 month contracts. The school remained in use throughout. The contracts were completed within budget.

Headteacher Sarah Stevens commented:

"We are now fully watertight which is so important. The school looks so much better especially the exterior of the listed building. Internally the additional space means we have a welcoming and importantly, secure entrance. The new windows and doors means classrooms are warm and that they can be ventilated well."

  • Client: Pulller Memorial C of E Primary School
  • Sector: EducationHeritage
  • Services: Building Surveying
  • Contract: £330k

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