Synergy’s Timeline

Below is an overview of our timeline, from the early foundations of each practice that merged to create Synergy to present day.

Synergy's History

1904 – 1996

Our history stretches back over 100 years. The practices that merged to create Synergy, begin their individual journeys and are founded between 1904 - 1996.

The Synergy Effect

In 2006, CM Parker Browne, Cook and Butler and Ottley Morrison merged together and Synergy was founded.


Subsequent mergers in 2008 with Bare, Leaning & Bare and Johnson & Partners further complemented the practice.


Andrew Turner & Co join forces with Synergy.

2022 – 2023

Synergy merge with Sawyer Fisher

Synergy Constructionline
Synergy ISBL
Synergy APM