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A Superior Swimming Environment at a Lower Cost – A Solution that Does Hold Water

A Superior Swimming Environment at a Lower Cost – A Solution that Does Hold Water

No matter what your fitness level, age or ability, the benefits of swimming are tremendous and as a result this sport is increasing in popularity. However as the demand on the carrying capacity of the water rises, the number of pools in the UK is dwindling.

With 5072 public and private pools across 3882 locations in the UK, 44% of these are now over 30 years old. With pools usually having a life cycle of 25-30 years, many of these pool facilities will need to be replaced in the immediate future.

Traditional construction measures makes pool building an expensive outlay and with increasing pressures on budgets, they are often unaffordable.

Swim England approached Paragon Structures, a specialist sports facility contractor, to undertake a feasibility study for an innovative, high quality, cost effective and environmentally friendly swim and leisure facility solution.

Partnering with Paragon Structures and Cowan Architects, Synergy provided costs for the developed concept design. The subsequent result provides unique design, construction and operating benefits and a superior swimming environment at a lower cost.

Download the full feasibility report here

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Posted on 18/9/2020

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