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Synergy has joined the Everything FM framework designed to innovate public sector procurement

Synergy has joined the Everything FM framework designed to innovate public sector procurement

Synergy is now an approved supplier on the Everything FM framework; the fast, compliant and flexible solution that enables the delivery of a broad range of FM services to public sector, devolved administrations and third sector entities.

Everything FM’s innovative design offers public sector organisations the opportunity to directly appoint Synergy from Place Group’s supply chain, quickly and compliantly without going out to tender. It also allows customers to select a new supplier through an efficient mini competition process, where only three of the most appropriate suppliers are invited to provide proposals, reducing bidding time and costs. Everything FM blends critical public sector compliance and social value together with pace and commercialism. To find out more visit

By joining Place Group’s supply chain, Synergy has already demonstrated they have the requisite knowhow, experience, business processes and policies, and financial standing to deliver engineering and construction services across the UK.

Jenny Howard, Business Development Manager at Synergy said:

“We are delighted to be an approved supplier on this framework which provides clients with an efficient, fully vetted and compliant framework to procure our services. We look forward to working with the team at Everything FM and expanding our client portfolio.”

Everything FM was established by E2BN and is operated by Place Group Limited, who have over 20 years’ worth of experience supporting innovation and social value in the public sector.

“Quite simply, Everything FM gives control to our clients by allowing customers to obtain the best value for money based upon their requirements and not those that are pre-determined by the framework operator.  It removes unnecessary bureaucracy and creates a time efficient route for procurement, which delivers enhanced ROI for all parties.” Claire Delaney, Managing Director, Everything FM

If you are a public sector buyer keen to make procurement efficient and cost effective, or would like to find out you can work with us via the Everything FM framework please email



Posted on 8/8/2023

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